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PROJECT 375 is passionately dedicated to eradicating the stigma surrounding mental health, by raising awareness and improving care for those in need. Mental health is an essential part of children’s overall health and directly affects their ability to succeed in school, at work and in society. We believe early prevention and intervention will save lives. Through our program, PROJECT PREVENT™, we respond to the needs of children and adolescents by introducing technology driven support and by providing parents, teachers and staff members with Youth Mental Health First Aid training. Our goal is to create improved access to care for students most at risk and in need of mental health services, as well as provide a safer, more supportive environment for all youth.

PROJECT 375 was founded by NFL Pro Bowler Brandon Marshall and his wife Michi. More information can be found at

Each 8oz cup of LIMITLESS(TM) PROJECT 375 Blend has about 85mg of caffeine. Caffeine can be a great tool for sharpness and focus, but please understand that in some people caffeine may exacerbate or cause anxiety

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