• $16.00

Dulcinea is Café Integral’s flagship espresso blend. It is, however, a varying edition-based offering. It will shift and change along with the seasons and with new arrivals from fresh crop coffees. Nebulous and enchanting, Dulcinea aims to delight in the absolute.

Dulcinea, currently in its twelfth edition, is dedicated to mouthfeel and complexity. In this iteration we've brought together three coffees from three distinct regions - with two different processes. Two of these are fully washed, the third is a natural or dry processed coffee. It hits you most powerfully when you kick back your first swig and the creamy, smooth body washes over your palate with bright notes of orange peel and dill. The sweetness comes through from the beginning and the aromas continue to wash over the palate before leading to a long and distinct finish - complements of the natural processed coffee.

We think you'll love this one - it's enjoyable, versatile, and easy to work with.

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