Noble Tree Brazil Dromedaire Cuvée

Noble Tree Brazil Dromedaire Cuvée

  • $15.00

The story of the Dromedaire Cuvée began in 1723. Captain Gabriel de Clieu, with a full crew, set sail from France for Martinique with the Noble Tree, the coffee sapling given to him by King Louis XIV. This Noble Tree became the original coffee plant from which all others are descended today in Central and South America. Captain de Clieu’s ship was christened, Le Dromedaire.

De Clieu managed to protect the Noble Tree while enduring storms, piracy, mutiny and a Dutch spy intent on destroying the sapling. But finally, aboard Le Dromedaire, he arrived safely with the Noble Tree in Martinique. 

Dromedaire Cuvée is born on their multi-award-winning farm, Fazenda Monte Verde, in Brazil’s Carmo de Minas region. Monte Verde was one of the first farms in Brazil to employ terracing as well as cutting-edge practices, such as satellite-guided, precision agriculture.

Nobletree's farmers propagate the varietal seedlings, nurse them and plant them in different plots at varying elevations on the farm. They remove the skin from the coffee cherries, leaving the fruity mucilage around the seed and dry it on their patios. The Dromedaire Cuvée blend achieves a consistently uniform cup with chocolate and hazelnut aromas. In the cup, it translates to flavors of sweet nougat, milk chocolate and hints of pear paired with a substantial body. It works together to make The Dromedaire a great, everyday, go-to coffee.

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