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What began as a pocket square-sized espresso bar in the back of a barbershop is today an emerging coffee roasting company in Brooklyn, New York. At Parlor, we have set out to source and roast coffees with character.

Collectively, we are a small group of professionals and artists who believe that coffee is a beautiful and complex subject within the greater culinary landscape. Our approach is both fastidiously scientific and instinct-driven. Every one of the uniquely sweet coffees that has made its way into a bag bearing our label has been on a laborious journey beginning with the producer at origin and ending in the careful hands of the roaster. It is our tireless goal to consistently seek the best possible expression of each individual coffee.

Coffee is complex: it is the seed of a fruit limited to growth within the tropical belt. We aim to source the finest coffees of the world with honesty and an unwavering drive to reveal their beauty.

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