We started Highwire Coffee Roasters in 2011 with the intention of building a company where people who are passionate about coffee and want a career in coffee will find a professional home. We are about making delicious coffee first and foremost, but how we get there is what makes it worth doing.

At Highwire we bring our own approach to coffee and roasting. We evaluated and experimented with roast styles and tastes to find our sweet spot: balance. Our coffees show the special qualities that come from their origins. The care and attention paid by the farmers lend our cups characteristic aromatics, brightness and fruit sweetness. These qualities are balanced by the signature of the roaster. This is where we emphasize body, density and a caramelly sweetness.

We love big bold cups of coffee that still taste like the place they come from. This is the balance we seek.

We hope you enjoy our coffee as much as we do. It is the product of dedication to our craft and the expression of our passion.

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